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An Amazing Feat

I witnessed an amazing feat today. Two people just ran a marathon today.


On the snow. At elevation. In the cold. The conditions for the finish of the race:

  • Air temperature: -29C (-24F)
  • Wind Speed: 15 knots
  • Wind Chill: -44C (-47F)
  • Pressure elevation: 10,800 ft above sea level

I suffered while skate skiing for 45 minutes. They slogged for over 6 hours.

The course took them out past the South Pole Telescope, through the IceCube array, and to our drill site. And then back. The round trip distance was about 3.5 miles, so they did this seven times. And then added another partial loop to make it a full 26.2 miles.

They finished at the geographic South Pole to a small crowd of amazed fans.


Ryan and Mel ran together most of the way and finished within minutes of each other.