Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth

2. What kind of TV stations do you get?

I have a TV in the lounge in my dorm.  Some people have a small tv in their rooms.  Most people use the TV to get current weather, station information, watch movies or catch up on sports scores.  I have not actually turned on a tv yet, so all of my information comes from our local intranet.  The local television stations are:

Station Descriptions

Channel 2—News, Sports, Entertainment
Channel 3—Weather
Channel 5—British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) World
Channel 6—McMurdo Information Page (MIP I)
Channel 7—Antarctic Terminal Operations (ATO)
Channel 8—Australia Network
Channels 9 & 10—Movies
Channel 11—News, Sports, Entertainment
Channel 12—McMurdo Information Page (MIP II)
Channel 13—News, Sports, Entertainment

We are 18 hours ahead of you, so Monday night football will be on tv on Tuesday morning.

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