Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth

35. What is the most dangerous thing that has happened to you. When were you most scared? What was your least favorite experience?

Noah and Emmett,

The most dangerous thing that has happened to me so far on the ice was probably the change in weather at happy camper school.  Although I never truly felt in danger during this experience, it did remind me how severe and dangerous the weather can be.  The weather changed from Condition 3 (best weather) to Condition 1 (bad weather) with high winds, cold temperatures and very very little visibility.  While I was scared at times, the reason this did not turn into a truly dangerous situation was the group I was in.  Everyone looked out for each other.  It was a good experience, but I would prefer to do it in nice weather next time!

I was most scared on the flight down to McMurdo.  Not because of turbulence or fear of flying, but the fear of the unknown.  It was a mix of fear and excitement.  My fear was unfounded when I arrived to a fun continent, a nice clinic and wonderful people.

My least favorite experience to date was having to meet T.J. at the runway to tell him that his dad was sick.  As he wrote in his blog post, it was a day of very mixed emotions.  I am happy to report that Gary is doing well.  I am looking forward to T.J.’s arrival on December 3oth!!


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