Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth

25. Can you can go fishing? Are there any edible fish available to catch?


I had to consult the expert on this one.  Brad Buckley is a professor at Portland State.  He is in Antarctica studying how the fish respond to temperature changes and how they survive in sub freezing water.  I sent him your question.  His response was:

“You can fish, but only with a scientific collection permit. All of the animals of the Southern Ocean are protected under the international Antarctic Treaty. So, even though there are species of cod that are edible, they are protected and can’t be caught, unless for scientific study.”

There are multiple pictures of the fish he studies on a prior post.  He included a picture of his research assistant catching a fish in one of their fish huts set up on the sea ice.

A slightly fancier set up than ice fishing in Minnesota!

You can find more information on Brad Buckley’s research at  It is a cool site with a lot of pictures and videos.  Check it out!

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