Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth

37. Are there are any sports teams at McMurdo (maybe a hockey team)?


Yes!  There are some sports teams who play and practice at McMurdo.  However, there is no hockey (despite being located on an island of ice). 

The most anticipated game of the year (by all but medical) is the New Zealand vs. USA Rugby match.  The USA rugby team practices in our big gym on Sunday nights.  Unfortunately, I do not think the US team has ever won a game.  The game is scheduled for January 23rd.  I will do a blog entry with photos and game scores.

People get together and play soccer, volleyball, dodgeball and basketball in the big gym on base.  There is also a softball tournament and running events.

Our rec office rents out skis – but there is no ski team.

Look for the Rugby blog post in a couple of weeks!

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