Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth

46. How is the drilling going? 1/15/2011

T.J. emailed me this morning with the following response:

The drilling is going well, Cedric. There were some problems before I arrived, but since I’ve gotten here, everything has gone pretty smoothly.  It takes about 3 hours per drill run, and the drill gets 3 meters of ice each run. So we are drilling about 24 meters of core each day.  With luck, we will reach 3000 meters later today – hopefully on my shift.


Pass on to your classmates that all of their questions will be answered eventually.  T.J. is working on the other ice core questions and salt water freezing question and how to make water from WAIS divide.  He will send me the answers on an external drive.  It takes awhile because we have to wait for a plane to bring me the info.  He only has text email.  There should also be some coring research posts by T.J. after the next plane.  Thanks for following along!!


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