Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth

38. Are there radio stations, and if so what is the most popular genre of music?


We do have the ability to listen to the radio down here.  There is even a radio station on base that allows people to host their own radio show.  I do not know what the most popular genre of music is down here, though.  I have included this weeks radio schedule below.

FM 91.1  AFN DTS Radio Service II: country and country-rock.

FM 93.9  National Public Radio (NPR): an independent, private, non-profit membership organization and distributor of noncommercial hourly newscasts, talk, cultural programming, and special features.

FM 99.9  AFN DTS Radio Service: news and AFN provided talk radio.

FM 104.5  AFN DTS Radio Service I: a mix of local, live programming and AFN provided contemporary/rock programming. Volunteer radio announcers provide local programming at various times throughout the day and week, with the hours determined by community interest. Volunteer slots are available 24 hours each day as a service to shift workers.

Volunteer DJ Program
Station personnel can act as disc jockeys and broadcast music based on personal preference using discretion. All volunteers go through training and must adhere to the

Music CDs

Music CDs are not available to check out from the radio station; however, you can check out CDs from the Retail Store. For available CDs, see the following:

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