Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth

31. Did you miss being away from Antarctica despite the terms you had to leave.


It was an easy decision to leave Antarctica to support T.J. and be with my father in law while he was sick.  I am happy to report that he is now back at home and making improvements every day.  I was granted a 14 day leave from work and now have been back for a little less than two weeks.  It was hard to leave friends and colleagues in Antarctica because I did not get to say goodbye.  I loved being with my family for those two weeks, but I did miss work and friends.  And, now that I am back I miss my family 🙂  T.J. will be back on the ice at the end of the month!  I am looking forward to seeing him get off the plane and spending time in McMurdo before he leaves for WAIS divide.

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