Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth

30. Is there a library at McMurdo? Do you have to bring your own or what do you use for reference?


We have a couple of libraries on base.  There is a regular library with pleasure reading books, guide books and reference books.  It is staffed by volunteers.  Books can be checked out just like they would be in your neighborhood library.  There is a budget every year to add new books to the collection.  They have over 8,000 books available for free checkout!

There is also a science library in the Crary building.  Crary is the science building where all of the scientists have their office.  It has a telescope and the best view of the sound!

In medical, we have a small collection of reference books.  I have not yet used these books.  I brought down a Netter atlas of Ortho anatomy and a general medicine reference book.  I do have a subscription to an online medical reference library called UpToDate.  That is where I get most of my medical information.

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  1. Alex


    When I lived in Everett WA in ’93 I shipped lots of books, video tapes, VCRs, and Cassette Decks to someone in Port Hueneme who relayed them to Antarctica by ship.

    I would ask if any of that stuff is still around, like the ROCKFORD FILES tv series, but its been a long time and technology has changed.

    But, I am curious if I can downsize my book inventory once again and ship the excess to a place in US who would send it on to the South Pole. It would be all hardcover and if you decide to, they can be burned or recycled; just dont tell me, as I saved them for so long for a reason.

    Best, Alex

    December 20, 2011 at 4:44 PM

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