Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth

27. What kind of currency is used? Is there a bank? How do you pay for stuff?


  Thanks for the questions!  I am back in McMurdo and trying to get caught up on my blog.  Let your classmates know that I will start to get the rest of the questions answered soon.

I wish the official currency of Antarctica was the Antarctic Dollar:


While we can buy this currency down here, it is not legal tender.  There is no official Antarctic currency.  At McMurdo, we use the US dollar.  While there is not a bank, there are ATM machines available.  The store also accepts credit cards.   Scott Base, uses either the New Zealand dollar or the US dollar (probably because there are so many US visitors from McMurdo).  I believe each Antarctica base uses its home currency.  Our pay checks are automatically deposited to our individual bank accounts in the US.

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