Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth

22. Have they have found fossils in Antarctica?


Great Question!  With a long answer. 

The simple answer is YES they have found fossils in Antarctica, including many dinosaur species.  I cannot list all of the fossils they have found and where they were found.  But I can provide some good links for you about Antarctic fossil research:

Link to Science Article with picture of “freeze dried” moss from 14 million years ago!

The above info is explored further through this link, which includes a great video interview with a fossil scientist about fossils and climate change:

A new species of dinosaur was discovered in Antarctica in 2003.  Here is a link to the PIs website.  Check out the 2003 photos of them excavating the fossils:

And turtle fossils found last month! – National Science Foundation (NSF) News – New Dinosaur Finds in Antarctica Paint Fuller Picture of Past Ecosystem – US National Science Foundation (NSF).

Pictures and descriptions of antarctic marine fossils:

Biology News: Rare reptile fossil found in Antarctica.

Have fun exploring the world of fossils in Antarctica.  I learned a lot as I put together this post.

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