Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth

19. What is the most extreme weather down there. Hot and cold. Windy? (Eric also says ‘hi’)

Hello Eric!

Thank you for sending your greeting all the way to Antarctica!  I have put together a list of “extremes” and averages for you.

Coldest Temp: July 21, 1983   -129F (-89C)  Vostok Station (record for lowest temperature ever recorded on the planet!

Warmest Temp: January 5, 1974   +59F (+15C)  Vanda Station


Taken from

Highest wind recorded was 199 mph at Dumont d’Urville in July 1972 (Katabatic wind caused by cold air flowing down a steep slope.)  (

Average 6.5 inches of precipitation each year — a frozen desert!

Per Wikipedia:   ”Most of Antarctica has an ice cap climate with very cold, generally extremely dry weather throughout the year and no month averaging above 0 °C (32 °F). Some fringe coastal areas have a polar climate  with a short summer averaging above freezing, and much higher precipitation.”

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