Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth

13. What is your dorm is like?


   That is the question I asked before I moved down here.  I never got a good answer.  Now I am here, and I am late in responding to your question, because I keep meaning to take a picture.  I really do not spend much time in my room except when I am sleeping because it is dark and small.  I prefer to spend my time in the brighter lounge or one of the public buildings. 

I am living in a first year housing dorm called Hotel California.  It is building 166 on base.  They are all double rooms.  My room is large enough that my roommate and I were able to un-bunk our beds and split the room in half.  She has the back side of the room and I have the side near the door.  The room is split by two tall metal dressers.  Mine opens toward my half of the room and hers opens toward her half.  It works very well and allows me a small amount of privacy.  There are two floors in the dorm with a mens bathroom upstairs and a womens bathroom downstairs.  Unfortunately I am on the second floor so I have a bit of a hike to the bathroom.  We have a nice lounge with a deck overlooking Mt. Discovery.  It is a bit cold for me to enjoy the deck yet. 

I am lucky to have a double room.  Many of the first year rooms are 4 person rooms.  The people who are just stopping by McMurdo on their way to a deeper camp stay in a 6-12 person bunk room.

I will keep trying to remember to take a photo before bed or after I wake up.

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