Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth

10. What does the town sounds like? Is it normal or totally weird?


   I have been thinking about this question a lot over the last couple of days.  We talk a lot about the smells down here (because there really aren’t any) and the color (white, black and buildings), but have not talked about the sounds.  They are different in town than they are at your home or school in MN.  Mr. Lane taught me to listen to the animals and insects when I am sitting on my deck in Seattle or on a day hike.  I did that here when I read your question.  I hear blowing wind across my window when I am trying to sleep.  When I am outside, if there are no vehicles moving and the wind is calm, I hear nothing.  It is a different sensation to hear absolutely nothing.  I think that will change when the Skua birds arrive,  more people move onto base, the weather improves and helicopters start flying more (my dorm is next to the heli-pad).  

People joke about the sensation overload that happens when they leave the ice and land in New Zealand.  I can imaging it is very refreshing to smell, hear and see the colors we are used to. 

Thanks for making me think about this!  I wish I could capture the silence for you.  And, I would have to say that it is totally weird!

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