Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth

Ice Bubbles!

Regina and Ruschle, friends from Washington, spent their Antarctic field season in the gorgeous Allen Hills studying blue ice.  They were looking at Albedo (reflective property) of the ice.  To help determine the influence of cracks and bubbles on Albedo measurements, they mapped the cracks in the ice and photographed bubble concentrations.  Ruschle loves ice bubbles!  So, I spent some time in their lab (ie. cold, windy freezer) viewing samples and watching the ice cutting process.  Then I moved to a warm window with Regina to photograph the ice bubbles.  I have to admit that the shapes and crystals within a cross-section if ice are pretty cool!  You can read more about their adventure in the field at Regina’s Blog.

What shapes do you see?

T.J. is back in Christchurch.  He will be attending a conference in New Zealand before returning to the states to visit family.  I will be leaving here to join him in Seattle on February 21st.  We are looking forward to a warm weather vacation in March!

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