Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth


3330 !!!!

The Second Deepest Ice Core Ever Drilled!!!!

The season ended on a high note – we reached our depth goal, 3330 meters, which is as deep as we were allowed to drill.



To celebrate, the entire camp came down to the Arch. There were toasts, pictures, and much merriment.



If you look at the sign above, you’ll notice it’s not exactly 3330 meters. It’s actually harder to figure out exactly how deep you are than you might think.  Krissy is holding the drillers’ depth, which is inaccurate because of cable stretch. We core handlers measure the depth as well, but it’s inaccurate right now because the ice wasn’t butted up during the brittle ice. And the depth is further not known because the drill is not perfectly vertical – it is off a couple of degrees. So when I say 3330, I mean some depth about 3330 – the official depth will change with more measurement.


For many of use at camp, it was the end of a great season.


For others, it was the culmination of four years of drilling, and more of planning.



For Ken, the lead PI, it was 10 years ago that the first proposal went in. For all us of, we are very aware of the hard work of hundreds of people before us, both at WAIS Divide and elsewhere who set us up for such a record breaking season.

Now more work begins. The ice is on its way to the National Ice Core Lab in Denver, Co, where we will starting making measurements on it, cutting it up, and sending it around the country for analysis.

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