Ice and Medicine at the end of the earth

Ice From the Air

Jessie posted some photos of her flight in a few months ago, but I thought it was time for some more. And I’ll try to give a little glaciology commentary (I just can’t resist).

It is incredibly cool to be allowed into the cockpit of an airplane. I felt like I was seven again and being invited up to the front. The only thing missing was the wings.

This was our first ice sighting. An iceberg is a chunk of glacier ice that flowed into the ocean and calved (broke) off.  Exciting, but there was lots more ice to come.

The sea ice is in the foreground. The glacier ice is the white in the distance. Sea ice is ocean water that has frozen. It is different from an “ice shelf” which is glacier ice that formed from snow and flowed into the ocean. Ice shelves are what make icebergs.

This is a picture of an ice tongue surrounded be sea ice. An ice tongue is just an ice shelf with a shape like a tongue.

You can trace the direction the glaciers are flowing in this picture.  Just to the right of the engine, there is a crevasse field where a nunatak (rock island) is projecting and the ice cannot flow smoothly around.

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